Pregnancy is an amazing time to experience the best things in life in a way you have never done. Being a mother is a special feeling, and you should record it in a pregnancy memory book . Here are some things that you can consider writing:

Baby kicks

You may be familiar with the advice to keep a count of your baby's kicks during the third trimester to gauge their health. You can achieve this by keeping a daily count of your strikes. Take the time to time them, moving ten times every day at 3 o'clock, for instance. Keep a record book on your desk to record this information at all record this information. Over time, you'll begin to recognize a pattern; if that pattern suddenly shifts, you'll know it's time to see a doctor.

Size and Development

Use a chart to monitor your progress as your bump grows and your weight changes. Gaining weight during pregnancy is beneficial, but putting on too much weight can be harmful. Stay on course with the help of your chart.


In addition, you can learn more about physical activity during that time. Pregnant women and their babies both benefit from light exercise. Create a schedule of your workouts in your pregnancy journal (and ones that should be avoided). Counting steps, logging miles, keeping track of swimming laps, etc., are all possibilities. Those looking for motivation should read more on prenatal exercise.


Keeping tabs on one's emotional state is a common practice. Assign a different colour to each mood (for example, "happy" could be green, "angry" could be red, etc.) and check off the day as it passes. You may be able to see patterns emerge over time, such as the effects of specific events on particular emotions.

Considerations Prior to Birth

A few extra pages could be left so that you can keep adding to the list as more things come to mind. Getting ready for the new baby includes everything from decorating the nursery and baby-proofing the house to cooking extra food.

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